About our dogs and how we use them - our goals are to breed and train working cow dogs. Brian is horse back almost daily February through October working pairs. We believe in dogs that are strong enough for momma cows yet broke enough for calves & yearlings. We have taken a liking to the Hanging Tree breed to use, reproduce, and sell. We are striving to raise Supreme Cowdogs within the breed. We breed for brain, determination, grit, and stamina needed in ranch work but still obedient enough to listen in tight situations or even trialing. Occasionally we take outside dogs to get working on cattle. Call anytime to see what is for sale or to reserve a pup.


H.S. Jimmy - Hanging Tree Cowdog, Supreme registered - 08/2013 Black intact Male

Jim is out of Jimmy Tillman's breeding program Hanging J Cowdogs. This dog is the foundation of our breeding program. Brian has been around dogs for 20+ years. Jim is the best dog we have been around with the brains, determination, and grit! He understands cattle and will bust his butt to get the job done on the open range or on the brush and tree filled mountain. He also has placed at arena and field cattle trials. He is friendly to be around. He truly is a proven dog that we are very proud of.

Jim at an open field trial

Jim working out at Delle

Slider - Border Collie, registered- 02/2018 Black intact Male

We got Slider from a friend we got to know better while putting on horse sales, David Gordon currently in Oregon. This dog is a fast learner, loves to please, and is tough! Brian likes that he has fast feet, moves quickly, and is not afraid to get in and bite. I love that he takes commands from our young boys, they love it, ha. I love him, he loves the boys & all the other dogs love him, he is just an easy going guy. He went out to calve the spring of 19' & is learning lots with his constant use. 


Hanging J Rex - Hanging Tree Cowdog - 08/2018 Black intact Male

Rex is a cross between Jim and Ima Kat of Todd Messerly's, (raised by Tillman). He too is learning the basics and has been started following along checking cows on the summer range and will continue in his learning path. 


Red Stick's Monster - Hanging Tree Cowdog - 2019 White/Blue Merle Male



Red Stick's Stretch - Hanging Tree Cowdog, registered - 04/2017 Black intact Female

We got this pup from Gary Sullivan's Red Stick breeding program and Jimmy Tillman's, Hanging J program. She was a lanky pup and could run. She has filled out nicely and is a nice addition to help work the pairs! She has spent 2 seasons calving, and working on her 2nd season on the mountain moving pairs. She is a joy to work, has a good nose and smart cattle sense. We will enjoy getting pups out of her one day. Brian will take her to a Supreme qualifier when he gets the chance.  

Lilly - Hanging Tree Cowdog - 2019 Blue Merle Female


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