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All of our horses are put through Brian's training program of cowboying and horsemanship. Here are a few scenarios of what he expects of horses. When calving he and his calving partner trot long morning & afternoon circles. (One time a friend used an app and clocked 20 miles in ONE circle, sheesh!) They rope the calves to tag and tend to them, a great time to practice rating. Sometimes the range-y momma cows don't like their babies messed with so they have to rope and tie her down to carry on with the calf, great time to learn pulling and giving to rope pressure. The cows don't calve by the corrals, if one needs tended to multiple times they have to use their horses and dogs to get her and her calf loaded in trailer to get back to the corrals, not an easy task. At shipping time, moving cattle from high dessert to mountain summer range, the cattle are gathered. There, horses are used to brand the calves - a lot of people in the corral, from other ropers to the ground crew vaccinating. The horses sort the mommas from the calves while hauling so no new little calves get smooshed. The horses work allies letting certain cattle pass but not others. They open/close a lot of gates, another great time to practice leg cues. The mountains are great for exposing horses to oak brush and tree limbs wacking them and maneuvering around dead fall or tree patches.
Either out in nature or in the arena Brian finds opportunities to teach horses their body positions. Bri keeps his cool and the line of communication open with the horse. He also realizes it's a 2 way conversation. He asks a lot of his 4 legged friends and together they build a trust. Plus, Bri is ALWAYS  working horses or dogs and can combine the 2! We know our horses: health history, training history, upsides and downsides. We want you to be happy with a purchase or even trying them out. Talk with us! We will tell you all we can, we just ask you come try them! :)
Side note - for those who may wonder why we offer OUR animals for sale....1. Because we can - We have the ability to work with animals every day. It's our LIFESTYLE. We want to share our talent and knowledge! I enjoy working with the younger animals and Bri likes everything else:) 2. Because we have to - I, Jade, love staying home with my boys and teaching them and being here for them, even if it means we squeak by. I help Bri get chores done, and a lot of the time it means I don't get my house chores done. We pinky-promise these are not culls! We are not afraid to cull if need be; done it plenty of times for a lameness or unsafe attitude issue. If we don't like them, we doubt someone else will. That is why we have put YEARS into our breeding program. We know these horses & dogs. It is super hard to sell some.... SO bloody hard!
Sprear V Livestock are upper end horses & dogs that have been exposed to Brian's cross-training program. We hope these animals are nicer than the average out there and others enjoy them as much as we do! We strive for well-mannered animals that *may* teach you, their new owner, a thing or two and inspire you to learn to communicate better with your new buddy.... learn better cues & learn to keep them crisp! Horses and dogs are individuals and have minds of their own, but we sure hope they treat you as good as they have treated us.             
Sincerely, Jade and Bri. 
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