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Lilly - Hanging Tree Cowdog - 2019 Blue Merle Female - sold 10/2020

Copy of pic coming.JPG


Bull - Hanging Tree Cowdog, registered - 01/2018 Black intact Male - SOLD 08/2020

20181024_142205 (960x1280).jpg

Bull. This name fits him! He has no fear. He was used out calving beginning 2019. The long miles did him good. He is getting his job down. He definitely is aware of his brute force but is also learning to follow commands. It is starting to come together for him. He has a place in our dog string. He is a *happy* TOUGH sucker! We don't know why, but he just makes us laugh. 

SV Spot - Hanging Tree Cowdog, registered - 12/2017 Black/White intact Female - sold 11/2019

spot 2018 (922x755).jpg

Spot is a dog we raised out of our 2 supreme dogs Dafny & Jim. (We later sold Daf.) She is on the smaller side with big work ethics! She was easy to register. Spot is smart and likes working. She was exposed to pairs the spring of 19' and helping with the summer range. Bri enjoys having her as a working companion. 


Chuck - Hanging Tree Cowdog, appendix - 6/2018 Black/White intact Male - sold 08/19


Chuck is coming along learning the basics. He is out of our pal Cody Hill's Supreme female, Tick (who is from Tillman) and Jim. These pups have been a great cross!! Chuck has been started following along checking cows on the summer range and will continue in his learning path. 

Dafny - Hanging Tree Cowdog, Supreme registered. 12/2015 Black/White intact Female - sold 02/19

daf04 2018.jpg

Dafny is another dog from Tillman. She is a real high powered dog. Daf has lots of drive and plenty of bite. She is easily motivated. This girl is tough enough to work pairs yet also broke enough to work yearlings. She has placed at cattle trials and has been an asset to our program. We got 2 litters out of her and Jim before she went to a new working home. 

Dafny qualifying for supreme registration

Tap - unregistered Border Collie - 02/2013 Black & White intact Male -  SOLD 09/2017

Tap is an intact male border collie born 2/2013. He is not papered but we know both border collie parents work well. He is current on vaccinations. He works solidly outside on a cow outfit both on the open desert and the steep mountain country working pairs. He has also successfully been to cowdog trials and placed. He has style and is EASY to handle. He will work off voice commands or a whistle. He helps train pups. He would be a big asset to your ranch or simply a good natured, fun dog to trial. He is great with our toddler kids mauling him.

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