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We produce the best, sound, useable, foundation-bred quarter horses possible. We strive for smart minds, cow sense, athletics, and strong bodies. When viewing our horses, you will be pleased to see good withers and girth, nice hips/butt, solid bones & hooves. Our breeding comprises the best of the old and the new. We have tested these mares and studs in many aspects aiming to raise horses with these stated traits. We may not have the biggest band of mares, but what we have has come by riding and culling studs, mares and their offspring until we felt like we are achieving our goals stated on the home page.

To date, the young horses we have started out of "Peppys Slic Cutter"  and "High Mountain Cat" have far exceeded our expectations.


High Mountain Cat – AQHA 2011 Blue Roan Stallion

Frank, our newest addition to our breeding program! A friend from rodeoing let us breed one of our mares to his stud, Cat N A Hat, winner of over $100,000.00 in the cutting association. We have been very happy with him displaying a ton of cow and all the athletic ability to go with it. We are crossing him on our ranch mares to make an ultimate ranch performer blend. Brian started him but had to retire him due to a knee injury as a 2 yr old. 


While Brian Billings Livestock mares have impressive pedigrees including: Hancock, Doc Bar, Peppy San Badger, and other foundation lines; we also evaluate the mare's abilities under saddle. This additional knowledge gives us a greater understanding of the full potential of their foals. New foals are turned outside on large mountain pastures to strengthen their leg muscles and to learn to get around. This makes sure-footed, sound animals compared to those raised in pens. 

Badgers Buffalo Girl - AQHA 2005 Brown Mare (3/21' offered for sale with foal $5,000)

Tatum is a 3rd generation mare from our breeding program. Another great producing mare we have raised. We own her mom and dad and raised her grandpa Hancock Wild Bill. We took her sizey mom, crossed her on our athletic stud and got a size smaller, more refined mare. She has a ton of look and so far her colts have been just what we are looking for. Her mother is a great producer who’s out of our old stud; we then crossed her on our stud. Badger Buffalo Girl’s previous siblings have been some of our best horses so we kept her to pass on their athleticism. Her foals have been around the 14.3-15.1 hands size. 2021 foal due May or June is out of above stud, Frank. 

Blus Badger Girl - AQHA 2013 Brown Mare (3/21' offered for sale with foal $5,000)

Sally is a mare we raised, a proven cross. We are keeping Badger & Blu going through Sal. (Blu's mom, Bar Berry Prom, was one of Brian’s favorite horses. She was an athlete that could do anything, with a solid mind! She was in the family until her old age ended.) Sally was good to ride doing ranch work & fine tuning in the arena. She has a willing temperament and consider her an asset to our program. She is about 14.2 and her foals have been on the smaller end, similar to her. 2021 foal due May or June is out of above stud, Frank.
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Dr Lilpepto Red Lace - AQHA 2013 Red Roan Mare

Tuscarora. Brian picked up this mare as a 4 yr old. We love her confirmation and this gal has moves! He rode her a couple of yrs and liked her so much we want a baby out of her! I like her in the brood mares because she doesn't mind me petting her, ha! 2019 she was bred to Shine The Lights, an all around stud we think will be a great cross to possibly extend out our breeding lines. 2021 foal yr she ended up open, so she went back in the using string riding thru calving cows for the spring.
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SV Tonas Mntn Cat - AQHA 2016 Bay Roan Mare   

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Tona is out of Frank and Tatum, both Spear V horses. Jade halter broke her the fall of 2016 then did ground work the spring of 2017. After being turned out to be a horse, that fall Brian started her. She was easy to start (thanks to my awesome ground work, LOL! JK!!). She was coming along well. The summer of 2018 she got a *bad* case of strangles. It was AWFUL! We kept her alive for 6 months battling it. She was not a fan of being poked by Bri & still doesn't like the vet, ha! Brian went to riding her again the following winter in the arena. There were a bad habit or two to conquer, but it was worth his time, he liked her so much as a 2 yr old. He regained her trust and used her to calve in the spring of 19'. She came a long ways and progressed! We decided to put her in the brood mares. 2021 foal yr she ended up open, so she went back in the using string riding thru calving cows for the spring.

Peppy Gold Girl - AQHA 2012 Bay Roan Mare (Temporary broodmare)

Girl....In the spring of 19' our 5 & 7 y/o stole this horse from Brian! She obeys them and stays in the bridle well! All the boys are having too much fun on her to offer her to another home yet. Brian really enjoys this one of a kind, powerful mare that has sailed through our ranch performance program. He continues her training in solidifying her in the bridle. She excels in the heading & heeling of team roping and been hauled with success. She handles cattle well and can gear up or down so easily. She has speed! She is above average to rein. She never misses a lead change and her turn arounds are good. Her walk is impressive; really moves out and covers ground. Bridle her up, ride her in a snaffle, hackamore, use your leg cues, this mare will respond. She is a horse he looks forward to riding at anything he does! A family member used her in a queening competition and took 1st attendant. Truly a hard horse to find with skills and talent. She stands just under 15 hands and weighs in a little over 1,000 lbs. She got kicked near a hock the fall of 2019, had a minor surg & healed, but now requires injections to be sound SO WE BRED HER! The boys are stoked! April 2021 she will have a foal out of our stud, Frank.

Bold N Golden Fever - AQHA 2014 Palomino Mare (Temporary broodmare)

Milly, is like me in ways. (Bri hates how I do these write ups, but I like personal & humor.) She is on the smaller side, has thin blonde hair, is chill and SO COOL TO BE AROUND! JK, the last two just apply to her. She could care less to be petted out in the field, but she won't run from you like you're a horse eating alien either. She is just EASY! Easy to shoe, easy to doctor, easy to get on, easy to get the point. A relative needed to borrow a horse for a reining pattern in the 2019 Miss Utah Rodeo pageant. We gave her 3 options, Milly was her pick! She showed pretty well with only 5 or so get-to-know-each-other-rides with the new sequined pretty girl on her back. Brian has done an awesome job with her so far. She caries a bridle nicely & is GREAT at foot cues. She has this "rocking chair" lope. Our 7 y/o, is riding her and she likes him. Bri has shown her at ranch hand competitions where there is a reining pattern, cow work and roping and placed on her.  She stands 14.2 Hands & tapes about 950 lbs. 2021 foal due May or June is out of Very Black Magic.
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