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Brian is the breeder, trainer, and owner of Brian Billings Livestock. A true horseman, Brian spends virtually every day on horseback. Brian is a working cowboy and competed in the PRCA rodeo circuit riding saddle broncs for many years. His passion for training horses, working cattle & dogs, or hunting is satisfied on a daily basis. Brian has worked many ranches and is currently a ranch manager while also running his own cows with Wright Land & Livestock in Coalville, Utah. Their cows are ran in the northeastern mountains around Echo in the summer and fall while the spring months are spent calving in the west desert town of Delle.

He enjoys picking up at rodeos, helping kids- from saddle broncs to lead changes to roping, showing reined cow horses, competing in team ropings, and team ranch rodeo competitions. He lives and breathes horsemanship through its practical application, and stays current on new trends by reading, attending clinics, and considering other techniques of working with his many cowboy friends. He has ridden with and studied renowned horsemen and is always trying to improve his horsemanship. He truly believes in the solid foundations of the cross-trained ranch horses.

Brian has been training, breeding and selling horses for many years. In 2011 he was accepted into a new program the AQHA calls the Ranching Heritage Breeder. This showcases approved ranch breeding stock allowing horses born of accepted mares to be shown in upcoming Ranch Horse Challenges regulated by the AQHA. For further information you can Click Here. We are happy to be a part of a program that is keeping our traditions alive and honoring these well rounded horses, the foundation of the AQHA! Brian has the knowledge and experience to help you with all your livestock needs.

Brian is willing to share his knowledge as a consultant whether it is how to set up and manage your ranch to purchasing a horse or what activities would best suit your horse. His experience from the ground floor in all aspects of the western lifestyle from personal hunting and guiding to managing western range and running herds of cattle can help you make these many aspects of ranching run in harmony and profitable for you.


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