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REFERENCE Stallions & Mares

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The following breeding stock is for reference as to where current stock came.


REFERENCE STUD - Peppys Slic Cutter - AQHA 1998 Chestnut Stallion

We loved this guy and owned him his whole life. We were confident in his abilities as he was a true all-around athlete. We purchased him as a weanling from the Rasmussens' in northern UT. He was used routinely for working cattle, packing, arena competitions like working cow horse shows, heading or heeling in team ropings, picking up PRCA rough stock events, as a trail horse, and as a teacher to our little ones.

REFERENCE STUD - Hancock Wild Bill – AQHA 1994 Blue Roan Stallion

Bill was raised and trained by Brian. The place Brian worked for back in the day, Kathy Palmer, had a nice mare, Jigs, he purchased from her then bred Jigs to Kathy's stud, Zeb. Our good friend, Todd Schafer, purchased him as a 4 or 5 year old and has owned him since. He has taken him to team ropings and bred him to his band of mares. A lot of Brian Billings Livestock mares reference back to him.


REFERENCE MARE - Bar Hancock Blu Babe - AQHA 2001 Blue Roan Mare

Blu is an awesome mare. Her mom, Bar Berry Prom, was one of Brian's favorite horses. She helped Bri learn. She was an athlete that could do anything with a solid mind! She was in the family until she passed of old age. Brian also raised her dad, Hancock Wild Bill, who is out of another mare he loved and the stallion he trained, Zeb. Zeb was a gentle giant that passed on size and sound minds. Blu throws beautiful colts with a ton of ability. Truly the kind of mare we breed for. She also produced our stud, High Mountain Cat. 
blu ped.JPG

REFERENCE MARE - Ramify Prom Hancock - AQHA 1999 Brown Mare

Annie, we raised her dad, Wild Bill Hancock- who we also owned his mom, Docs Angel Prom, and trained his dad Zebadiah Hancock. Brian helped train her mom Sundance Prom. Annie's colts have been super athletes with great stops and a lot of cow. They are tough, good ranch horses. We have ridden several of her offspring with great results at the ranch and in the arena. 
annie ped.JPG

REFERENCE MARE - Wild Bills Sorensen - AQHA 2000 Brown Mare

Hailey has been a great producer. She is out of a previous stud we raised, Wild Bill Hancock, and a friend's mare that produced some big hipped, pretty looking, top of the line rope horses. Hailey's offspring have super minds with tons of ability. They are solidly built with big hips. Some of her colts have gone on to be great calf & team roping horses. They are good
go-to horses with a ton of look. 
hailey ped.JPG

REFERENCE MARE - Peppys Rondo Sox - AQHA 2003 Sorrel mare

Cali was a 3rd generation mare from our breeding program. We owned her mom ( & her mom), and her dad! Brian liked her ability that he decided to deep her as a brood mare. Her colts have had looks and ability! 

REFERENCE MARE - Ms Docs Hi Socks - AQHA 1999 Sorrel/Flaxen Mare

Blondi, we owned her mom, Docs Angel Prom -the same great mare as our old stud, Wild Bill Hancock. They are super movers with good minds. They have big stops and lot s of turn. We kept one of her fillies and put it back in the back in the brood mares to keep the lines going. 
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