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AQHA HORSES  (Foals at bottom)

Our profession is to work with our horses creating long lasting, solid individuals that are exposed to many different situations. Once we get a feel of their strengths we help guide them in the direction their talents point.
All of our horses are put through Brian's training program of cowboying and horsemanship. For more info click here.
Please talk with us on a specific horse. Because horses have been through, or progressing through our Ranch Performance program, their quality ranges from $10,000 - $30,000. Weanlings are $2,000 and up. Started horses are anywhere between. This is not a side hobby for us. We are proud to say this is our profession and strive to improve. We STAND BEHIND our horses and are happy to ride with you to make sure the two of you are a good fit.  

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DX White Outs Remedy - APHA 2011 Sorrel Tobiano Gelding

Paint...I don't know if we've ever owned a paint horse?! In fact, people have commented on that -- "Have you EVER owned a paint?" This horse was raised by a good friend named Roy. He and Bri hunted hounds together and rode many miles on the mountain chasing long eared howling suckers chasing long tailed catty suckers, ha! Roy had a knack for raising and training nice cow horses. Paint competed in the Utah Reined Cow Horse Association as a youngin. Bri maybe recalls him placing with him. When Roy passed we had the opportunity to own his horse. Bri threw him in with his horses last spring and calved off him. It was pretty special to use him for work that he was trained in the arena to do but never got to apply it much in real life with Roy.  Paint is a cowy son of gun and reins so nicely. We are spoiled to ride him and think of Roy often. My boys love working cows or the flag on him. He is so easy to ride in the arena with his super controlled: lope, sweet stops, turn arounds and lead changes.... every time! He has handled a slew of riders and been easy to get along with. He measures 15 hands and tapes about xxx lbs. 
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WINDYS SMART - AQHA 2006 Sorrel Mare

Rhonda was in the horse string from 2011 - 16'. She is an attentive 14.2 hand mare with moves and go! She taught Brian a lot training her. She is a gritty cowboy horse. Brian showed her in the local reined cow horse competitions then Jade did. She is fun to work cows! We raised 4 foals from her.
10/20' -- We weaned her foal and went back to using her. We will see how she treats my 2 babies (that aren't babies anymore - waah, waah, waaaaah). It took a lot of riding from Bri to where I felt brave enough to ride her with all her spunk. I am super curious to see how she is after her 4 yr baby making break:)  3/21' - she did great with the boys! They both loped her and had a blast working the cutting flag....then Bri crowned her as his and returned the boys to their pony that is use to them being heavy handed, hahaha;) 

SV Jerrys Catnip- AQHA 2017 Bay Roan Gelding 

Jerry is out of our stock Frank & Rhonda - who Bri finished training and rode 5 yrs. He showed Rhonda then she introduced Jade to the sport. Jerry is full of moves and smart! Brian has been using him his 2 yr old summer to check pairs on the mountain. Packing, he has done a bit of packing heavy salt blocks! 2020 he has been used pretty regularly to check calves on the hi desert and moving bunches of cows in the summer mountain. Brian has been camping on him. He is a lot of horse, like his mom (above). I felt brave enough to ride Rhonda when she was 8 and been there seen that, Jerry may be a similar ride. (Currently not for sale.)
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SV GG Cracksa Cat- AQHA 2017 Blue Roan Mare

GG is out of Spear V, Frank x Hanna. A friend put 30 day s on her  Dec 18'. Bri started working with her more consistently later in the summer of 19'. Since then she has been a constant mount. being ridden for spring calving out on the west desert, summer riding pairs on the mountain and fall and winter more arena work. With the decision to offer Ralph for sale, I am excited to get this girl going! Her mom, Hanna, is Ralphy's full sister so I feel like I am not giving him up completely. (Dear GG, I have HIGH HOPES. No pressure, hehe.) (Currently not for sale.)
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SV BG High Bar - AQHA 2018 Black Gelding

Big-Guy is out of Spear V mare, Blu, and reining stud, High Roller Whiz. Jadie halter broke him the fall of 18' then messed with him a little the following spring. He was turned out all summer on a mountain pasture growing up. Brian put a month of riding on him Dec 19' and has some light riding the following spring. The summer of 2020 he has been ridden on the mountain moving cows and in the arena learning body control. He will be a constant mount and used regularly for all of Brian's riding needs. 
(Currently not for sale.)
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SV Cookie Cutter Cat- AQHA 2019 Brown Filly

Cookie is out of Spear V, Frank x Sally. Halter broke. Briefly started under saddle 1/21'
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SV Mntn Boon Cat- AQHA 2019 Bay Roan Gelding

Boon is out of our Ann Marie and Spear V, Frank. Jade halter trained him. Before Bri left to calve he put about 30 days on this easy guy, 1/21'. (Currently not for sale.)
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SV xxxx xxxxx- AQHA 2020 Brown Filly

Pat (benetar) is out of Spear V, Frank x Tatum.  She is a pretty girl I fell in love with. She took to me training her easily and is friendly. We would like to add her to our broodmares for a new up coming stud.  (Currently not for sale.)
ped tona.JPG

SV Smart Crockerdile- AQHA 2020 Roan Filly 

Pink, is out of Spear V mare, Tona x Dry Smart Crocker, a stud of Rasmussen's in Tremonton, UT. She was easy for me, Jade, to halter train and is always happy to come say hello. We would like to add her to our broodmares for a new up coming stud.   (Currently not for sale.)
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SV High Mntn Fever- AQHA 2020 Roan Filly 

Stevie (nicks) is out of Spear V, Frank x Milly who is out of Playboys Buck Fever x Nu and Genuine of Mike Miller in WY. I LOVE MILLY, so I automatically LOVED Stevie, whoooo is a lot like her momma....She isn't crazy about human interaction. Not afraid, but won't go out of her way. Eh, that's OK, I still love her, haha!  We would like to add her to our broodmares for a new up coming stud.  (Currently not for sale.)
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SV xxxxxxxxxxx- AQHA 2020 Roan Filly 

Florance (& the machine) is out of Shine the Lights x Spear V, Tuscarora who is from the Rhoads Ranch in NV. I and the boys LOVE Flo. From day one she was a friendly, social baby. So not the norm around here. She was easy to halter train. We would like to add her to our broodmares for a new up coming stud.  (Currently not for sale.)
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Copy of pic coming.JPG

TI Cat Fever- AQHA 2020 Roan Statllion

Ringo is a stud prospect we picked up from a nice guy in NV. One of those people you meet and hit it off with, that was him and Bri. Our crossed finger strategy for Tuscarora or Milly to have a horse colt this yr failed....for BOTH, LOL!  Bri saw this foal's dad at a ranch rodeo a couple of yrs back and really liked him. In fact he made it point to talk to the trainer and heard some good stuff. With Franks increasing arthritis we jumped on this guy when we saw him for sale. We are thinking this guy will be a sweet cross on Frank's breeding. Ringo was easy to halter train and is a sizey guy. We think he is good looking with no confirmation flaws. The few yrs we have to wait and see if our breeding ideas are right will seem like many more!  
(Currently not for sale.)
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Copy of pic coming.JPG
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