Whipped Out The Blue - AQHA 2013 Brown Gelding- sold 10/2020

Ralph...I, Jadie, LOVE my raphly-poo, haha! Here is a big, brown/black, pretty gelding. He is home grown & on the down hill slope of our program. Brian has good body control on him, and I really enjoy riding him! He bridles up nicely. I took him on the mountain for the first time (7/17) and officially fell in love. He picks up his leads easily, has a nice smooth spin, and a decent stop. He locks onto cattle well for his size. He is a solid head horse. Others have roped off of him with ease. He doens't get antsy. We took some friends that aren't around horses much for a mountain ride; Ralph gave an enjoyable evening. The young boys ride him on the mountain checking cows with Brian. He is easy to catch, loves to be pet, and has been gentle and safe. I would love to see him go to someone who he could build their confidence like he has mine. I will miss this guy when he's gone, but until then he's my fave! 9/19' he is 15.2 hands tall and tapes about 1,200 lbs as a fit horse. 
(I did it, sold my Ralph and lightly cried for a solid 2 wks. I am happy he went to good hands and they love him! jade) 

SV Wild Cat - AQHA 2015 Blue Roan Gelding- sold 08/2020

Peep is a real eye-catching horse loaded with talent. He exemplifies what we are breeding for! Jadie put quite a bit of ground work on him the fall of 16' and started him under saddle with help from Brian. In January of 2017 Bri took over riding him. Brian says he has a lot of eye. He really enjoys working with Peep. He is being used for ranch work and gaining skills in the arena. He has a snappy turnaround and gathers himself up well. He is started in: roping out of the box, reining, and working cow. He could be a prospect for ranch horse events, sorting, roping, or just a deluxe saddle horse. We have put our 7 yr old on him just to ride out with Bri and Peep responds well! He likes us and will usually come greeting when turned out to pasture. 9/19' he measured just under 15.1 Hands and taped around 1150 lbs as a fit horse. 
(Peep went to a family who has bought from us before. They have become friends of our entire family: Bri likes them, I like them and my boys like their kids! We are happy they got him, are having fun with him on their ranch, and helping improve their horsemanship. jade)

SV LG Mighty Cat- AQHA 2018 Blue Roan Mare - sold 03/2020

Little-Girl is out of a Spear V mare and stud. Jadie halter broke her the fall of 18' then messed with her a little the following spring. Brian put about a month of riding on her Dec 2019.
(A friend bought this little girl. I love it when I get pics of horses coming along. jade) 


Annas Command - AQHA 2015 Buckskin Gelding - sold 10/2019

OH is a big, pretty, Matt Dillon looking buckskin. We purchased him with his mom as an untouched weanling. He is going through our ranch horse performance program and doing great. He is used on the ranch for a variety of tasks plus is being exposed to arena use like roping the sled and working on handle. He will make a great rope horse prospect or a dandy trail or ranch horse. This summer (2019) he has been started roping out of the box. He will continue to progress. He picks up his leads great and is easy to control. He has a ground pounding walk that gets you around quickly! We have had other riders on him and he got along well. We put our 7 y/o on him in a small arena and he listened to the young rider well! (Poor kid, he's our new rider tester, ha!) 9/19' he measured 15.2 Hands and taped about 1070 lbs as a fit guy.  

SV Ringo Buffalodrum- AQHA 2019 Bay Roan gelding - sold 10/2019

Out of a Spear V mare and stud. Will be weaned end of Sept/Oct. Initial
halter training began. 

SV Mntn Cracksa Cat- AQHA 2019 Blue Roan Stallion - sold 08/2019

Out of a Spear V mare and stud. Will be weaned end of Sept/ Oct. Initial halter training began. 

SV Smart Mntn Cat- AQHA 2019 Bay Roan Filly - sold 08/2019

Out of mare and Spear V stud. Will be weaned end of Sept/ Oct. Initial
halter training began. 

SV Kash It Kramer- AQHA 2017 Bay Roan Gelding - sold 07/2019

Kramer is out of a Spear V mare and a Nu Cash bred stud of Monty Funkhouser. Kramer likes people and will come out of his way for a pet. He is the biggest of that yrs foals. He is started under saddle and has some moves! A friend is showing his dad in reined cow horse events and really liking him. 

SV High Rhino Boy- AQHA 2018 Bay Roan Gelding - sold  06/2019

Rhino is out of a Spear V mare and stud. He is the first foal out of Sally. I halter broke him the fall of 18' then messed with him a little the following spring. He was a little watchy in the beginning but in the spring he was one of the first to let me walk up and pet him without being cornered. 

SV Razmntaz- AQHA 2018 Black Stallion   - sold   10/2018

Raz is out of a Spear V mare and stud. This is our 2nd foal out of Rhonda. He is a catty little dude. We are excited a friend purchased him and get to see him progress. 

SV High Tom Cat - AQHA 2015 Blue Roan Gelding - sold 10/2018

Mo is a super talented home grown gelding from our breeding ideals. He is going through our ranch performance program and doing great. We are really liking what our stud produces. He has had a butt-tucked-under-him stop from day 1. He has the brains, picks up on maneuvers allowing him to handle himself well, and good looks. This is the rounded horse we are after. A true talent with skills to go after anything you would like. 

SV Cattelain- AQHA 2017 Blue Roan Mare  - sold 8/2018

Elain is out of a Spear V mare and stud. She is our 2nd to last foal out of Annie. A good friend in WY got her and we are excited to see how she compares to Peep, a horse Brian has thoroughly enjoyed. 

SV Coreys Barn Cat - AQHA 2016 Brown Gelding  - sold  07/2018

Corey is out of Frank and Cali, both Spear V horses. He is a big hipped pretty bay gelding. Jade halter broke him the fall of 2016 then did ground work the spring of 2017. After being turned out to be a horse, that fall we had Brady Nicholes help start him. He is out of the same mare our 'GIRL' horse is and are excited to see what he has to offer. Brian may use him a little to gather cattle in spring. He will definitely be used to check the summer range and continue on with his ranch performance training from there. 

SV Monie Bags Cat - AQHA 2016 Blue Roan Mare - sold 05/2018

Bev is out of Frank and Bez, both Spear V horses. Horses out of Bez have been successful rope and ranch horses with lots of speed and great travelers. Jade halter broke her the fall of 2016 then did ground work the spring of 2017. After being turned out to be a horse, that fall we had Brady Nicholes help start her. She is coming along well. Brian may use her a little to gather cattle in spring. She will definitely be used to check the summer range and continue on with her ranch performance training from there. 

Peps Doc Hi Sox – AQHA 2011 Chestnut Gelding - sold 9/2017

Offering for Purchase -Concho is a solid 6 year old performance ranch horse gelding. He is a real 'go to' type of guy. If you are going to a branding, team roping, ranch rodeo or just for a ride in the hills. He has been hauled to many ropings heeling and is seasoned. Concho is a horse anyone should get along with. He has dang near everything thrown at him in ranch situations plus has seen plenty in the arena. We raised him out of our band of mares and stud. He has worked the spring and summer range tending to cattle the past 3.5 yrs. He is coming along in the bridle. It is truly hard to find a horse with a history like him. He is consigned to THE COWBOYS PERFORMANCE RANCH HORSE SALE September 8 & 9th, 2017 in Oakley, Utah. He is one to have with all the buttons! He measures 14.2 hands and roughly weighs 950 lbs. 

Double Dipped Pepp – AQHA 2012 Sorrel Gelding - sold 09/2017

Offering for Purchase - Bob is a little horse with a big heart. Bob is a home grown, 5 year old gelding out of a nice reining mare. He may be small but can go all day while getting the job done! He is good on the trail and been rode every where. He has been packed, roped cows and calves, hauled me around up and down the mountain and long trotted me around the flat desert range tending to pairs. He is cowy and could make a great sorting horse, break away, heel horse, 4H horse, or just a nice trail horse. The past yr he has been roped off in the heeling box and roped the Smarty a lot. He is a big horse in a little package.  He is consigned to THE COWBOYS PERFORMANCE RANCH HORSE SALE September 8 & 9th, 2017 in Oakley, Utah.

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