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Our profession is to work with our horses creating long lasting, solid individuals that are exposed to many different situations. With that being said we are big believers in the cross-training method. There are periods of time when our horses are only ridden 2 to 3 days a week but guaranteed those days are long in the saddle checking and tending to cows and calves. At other times they are ridden out in our rugged ranges checking cattle then taken to the arena to polish their training. Other seasons they are in the arena multiple days a week. These arrays of exposure to our horses ridden by Brian are the different situations we use to assess our horses and progress with them. Once we get a feel of their strengths we help guide them in the direction their talents point. In the long run we create a solid minded, rounded horse that is introduced to many aspects then specialized in his talents. Having a great rounded bridle horse that has been shown every aspect of ranch work and that works as a willing partner is our ultimate goal. Our horses have been taken to events such as reined cow horse shows, ropings, rodeos, and other performance directions. Others have been used as trail, hunting, and recreation horses. We truly strive to produce horses that can be used for just about anything you need them for.

Brian Billings Livestock has been specializing in ranch and performance horses giving them opportunities in and out of the arena for 20 yrs. We breed and sell quarter horses as well as provide limited outside horse & rider lessons on horses bought through us. We also provide consulting services.


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